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Ever feel you only know alittle about alot?
I do so i crochet some things. hats, scarfs, toys, lots of rugs (talk about hand cramps)
i can sew but don't have room right now.
used to make my daughter's dresses but then made and sold pillows for awhile.
I paint.
it's weird and i've been told ugly but i still love it and miss it. Need more room for this stuff.
Am playing with clay right now. Made a face mask of husband than added bigger features. now i just need to figure out what to do with it and how to paint it.
crochetted a bedspread and am working on something for the sofa.
make jewelry when i have time. have all kinds of silver and beads and crystals. usually wait til someone asks for an anklet or something special.
have unfinished quilts.

i tend to get bored and stop one and start on something else so takes me a long time to finish one thing.
and if i had my own house again i'd be doing interior and exterior decorating. i love that prob most of all. hand painted walls and furniture and tiling.

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smile I don't see a problem with your 'Hobbies' MB smile

thumbup1 One day you will remember where you left them ... tongue LOL LOL

love Just joking... ok heart love

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oh i'm so overwhelmed with them sitting around, especially unfinished.

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all the freaking time. cool it makes me feel like my head is going to explode. blink i think i have this ADHD. i start more things and never hardly finish anything rolleyes

almost any freaking hobby or money making venture you can think of...........

i spent more money on things i have never finished than whatever glare

now i am thinking about setting up a lemonade stand smile sneaky thumbdown

good day bored

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I have found as I have gotten older my attention span has dwindled lol. and my interests, though varied and many, are mostly lightly learned. I just can't seem to get deep into much of anything------sex has always been the only thing that really kept me focused. So I deal with it and go along my merry way mostly content and feeling good about what I do know.

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