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-WIP- Information about my sexual identity: I'm omnisexual, meaning I'm able to get sexually attracted by all genders (that includes non-binary people). However, in contrast to pansexual, a person's gender can have an impact on whether I find them attractive. In addition, I'm aromantic, I don't develop any type of romantic feelings for anyone regardless of gender. Loving someone is possible, and I do love a lot of people, but it's more in a friendly/ friendship meaning. I was in a romantic relationship a few times and even though they were the most loving people on earth, I didn't feel comfortable (although I didn't want to admit it at first). - Information about my gender identity: You can use the pronouns He/Him or She/Her. I'm still not one hundred percent sure about my gender identity. It's a complicated subject with so many subtle distinctions. At the moment, I think I best fit the description of a femboy. There is also the term rosboy, which by definition would fit just as well. But on the one hand, I still don't understand the difference to femboy and on the other hand, the term seems to be imposed on femboys because "femboy" is used derogatorily towards trans women. So the term "rosboy" has a bad reputation with femboys. As you can see, it's complicated. So, to put it simply, I am male with significant feminine traits. I don't care whether you perceive me as male or female. I like to show my feminine side too. Nevertheless, I am still essentially male.
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I'll write a personalized message for you on my body and post a pic of it.
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