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Enjoying all the beautiful hot sexy gals of NN!
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Other:Giving is better than receiving.. I’m also a switch - enjoy Dom or Sub with gals only.
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Athletic
Height:6' 2" (188cm)
Weight:185lbs (13st 3lbs) (83.9kg)
Eye Colour:Hazel
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Food Pref.:Non-vegetarian
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Making others happy, watching my partner have several massive powerful orgasms
What Makes Me Sad:
Seeing others unhappy And mistreatment of animals
What Makes Me Mad:
Deception and liars
My Bad Habits:
Putting my partner ahead of my needs.. is that so bad>
SusieA_50 : Thank u, but there were some other hotties there with me, so it wasn't like I was the only one or stealing the show if u know what I mean...The boys enjoyed it LOL....S. 😜
(21 days ago)
SusieA_50 : I wear a lot of skimpy thinks out but that's not one of them. I will wear it on r patio or to a pool party which I did once but not out to a venue or anything...Glad u enjoy the outfit and the view...S. 😊
(23 days ago)
SusieA_50 : I'm glad u like and have favorites...I think from my viewpoint my favorites are the Daisy Duke and White Two Piece shows my fit body well...I always love hearing what u guys like and favorite as it helps with with future posting here. Direction is always appreciated....Thanks so much for taking the time to like and comment...Those are the things that keep me here and excites me the most...S. 😊
(27 days ago)
SusieA_50 : Love ur descriptions...Thank u for taking the time to like and comment...S. 😊
(28 days ago)
Evenstar : SunTanGuy, awesome of you dropping by, and thank you for sharing your hotness.
(50 days ago)
julie105 : Thank you I am glad you enjoyed the Green outfit xxx
(56 days ago)
whitinski01 : I see you like plugs for the backside and cock rings. We have a few things in common sir...
(62 days ago)
Evenstar : Heaps of thanks for that sexy comment you left!
(105 days ago)
julie105 : Thank you I was waiting for the bar too open lol xxx
(125 days ago)
smokinmilf3 : Great cock!
(147 days ago)
julie105 : I am glad you enjoyed my latest pics xxx
(147 days ago)
julie105 : And the same too you xx I am glad you like the new profile pic xxx
(167 days ago)
julie105 : Thank you for the lovely comment on my profile pic xxx
(293 days ago)
SusieA_50 : Love ur comments and likes...Inspiring....S. 😊
(1 year ago)
Petiteannie : Im glad you like my pics, i like yours too. You have an amazing butt x
(1 year ago)
julie105 : I got there in the end so thank you xxx
(1 year ago)
julie105 : Thank you I am glad you are enjoying them all xxx
(1 year ago)
NaughtyKat : Wishing you warm feelings this Christmas and Sun in your heart for the coming year. 😊🤗
(1 year ago)
smitten4u : Thank you so much!
(1 year ago)
NymphcoupleUK : Sexy pics!!!! 🔥🔥💋
(1 year ago)
clamdivr2002 : Nice butt!
(1 year ago)
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