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Howdy.. I am still Little Miss Hug.. so if you get any hugs from me.. it's because we all need 2-4 hugs a day to survive.. and I know we all don't get that many.. I understand they are only words online from some Wendy lady.. I assure you.. they are heartfelt.. and I only want to bring some genuine kindness to your day. It's fantastic to hear from all the nice, kind NNers again. I have decided I want to see men in jeans.. topless.. and if their dick is hanging out.. I won't complain. I enjoy asking random questions.. it gets some conversations going.. I am still not a fan of making men cum tho.. if only they would have stuck around after.. then it wouldn't feel so crappy. So I tend to get turned off when I feel the conversation is heading that way. This also includes asking me to share my past sexual experiences.. If I want to share those.. I will on my blog. Thanks! I appreciate beauty in anyone and everyone.. I love seeing the art in a photo. I send some hugs your way!
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Good day NNers.. I'm moving and changing my entire lifestyle in just 13 days.. I won't be here as much till then.. come July.. I shall return. Hugs!!
My NN Status:
I am:Female
Sexual Preference:Guys
Am Seeking:No one at the moment
Marital Status:Single
Member Since:11-Sep-13
Last Logged In:16-Jun-24
Location:Bukkake, Alberta, Canada
Star Sign:Taurus
Is Following:Everyone, especially the other women friends I have made!
Is Looking For:
Interests:Arts / Crafts, Astrology / New Age, Athletics, Mountaineering, Movies / Cinema, Museums / Galleries, Music, Nature, Computers / Internet, Nightclubs / Clubs, Cooking, Politics, Religion, Sailing / Boating, Dancing, Food / Wine, Gardening, Travel / Sightseeing, Gym / Aerobics, Hiking / Camping, Volunteer / Charity, Water Sports, Literature / History
Other:The Status section of NN, pics of men topless in jeans - with their dick hanging out, questions.
Race:Caucasian (White)
Body Type:Plump
Body Shape:Hourglass
Height:5' 5" (165cm)
Eye Colour:Blue
Hair Colour:Blonde
Pubic Hair:Trimmed
Bra Size:DD
Bust:44" (112cm)
Professional Life
Employment Status:Self Employed
Industry:Artistic / Musical / Writer
Job Role:Business Owner
Food Pref.:Non-vegetarian
Religion:Christian - Other
Sense Humour:Dry / Sarcastic
Social Style:Shy
Personality:Home body
Kinkiest Place I've Had Sex:on the city bus... or at the top of the Calgary Tower... Side of the highway... hospital bathroom...
Movie:What Dreams May Come, About Time, Elf
Actor/Actress:Robin Williams/Julia Roberts
Book:11/22/63 Stephen King
Author:Maxine Paetro
Song:Take me with you
Band:The Gaff
TV Show:I watch too much TV
Sport:Olympics, winter and summer
Drink:Vodka water
Pastime:Exploring, Being outside
Thing:my computer,
Sex Position:Missionary - hard pounding
Person I'd like to Fuck:Domhnall Gleeson
Self Description
What Makes Me Happy:
Giving smiles and hugs over the internet..
What Makes Me Sad:
Being lied to. Losing friends.
What Makes Me Mad:
Cruelty to anyone, animal or nature.
My Bad Habits:
My personal belief is that we are all perfect.. and we all could use a little work ;)
My Final Thoughts:
If I could live anywhere it would be...

on an island that can be moved up in the air when the weather is bad... like the Jetsons (cartoon)... I want there to be tree houses like Swiss family Robinson (classic Disney movie)... I want my house to have secret passage ways like in Webster (tv show). Or......... in a tiny home that I have customized myself, on my own land.
Freednow1 : Thank you WendySylvia for your blogs. They are amazing and even better, some make a person stop and look at themselves.
(31 days ago)
carl_2021 : What an absolute beauty you are ……
(42 days ago)
surfybum : Thanks for all your likes..... I would love to thankyou in person🔥🔥😎
(42 days ago)
boywantsababy : I was going to PM you to say thanks, but I am out of PMs. Just imagine nursing me after a really awkward time where another lady decided she didn't want to care for me! Of course, if things DO get a little steamier now I can see you in all you beauty, well, even though I am a dominant type, I will leave that wholly up to you!
(43 days ago)
Yelofever : I’d love to chat with you!
(43 days ago)
McPhallus : Sending you lingering hugs. Always enjoy your presence here.
(46 days ago)
boywantsababy : I appreciate hugs more with age - and I know you are good at those. But also nice to see your lovely nudeness now. Very warm and reassuring, as well as curvy and sexy, of course.
(47 days ago)
Chatdude1120 : Heyyy Wendy always good seeing u in chat and on ur status hope we can chat more … hugs Sunshine .. and happy belated bday
(49 days ago)
BronzeSquirrel533 : A slightly belated happy birthday,lots of hugs and licks to such a sexy beautiful lady 😘
(64 days ago)
nortonthewhiz : I am so sorry I missed your Birthday. I shall endeavor to do better in the future.
(65 days ago)
oralmasterintraining : The best is yet to cummmm beautiful girl.
(68 days ago)
Artistic : Happy B-day 🎁😘/ Arty
(68 days ago)
sidders73 : Happy birthday
(69 days ago)
Shyguy1976 : Happy Birthady!!! EXTRA birthday hugs today!!! HHHHHHHHIUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSS!!!!! Hope its a great one!!
(69 days ago)
Hornycock1 : Love to give this picture a good tribute for you to post baby so hit me up
(69 days ago)
Sloth75 : I love your smile
(69 days ago)
Sloth75 : Love to give you a hug in real life
(69 days ago)
Sloth75 : I would love to get a hug from you 😚
(72 days ago)
SexyScottish : Very sexy lady
(73 days ago)
anyonefora69Nmore : Hola beautiful hot sexy masota 😛 would love to have sum hot cum fun with you sweetheart 😜
(74 days ago)
Uk_SEmanslut : Such a lovely bio!, sending hugs (part of your 2-4a day) ❤️
(77 days ago)
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